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Sending bulk emails can help you avoid being blacklisted

Email marketing can yield impressive results if used correctly. You could have your IP address blocked by ISPs or have your mails flagged spam. Or your communications may not pass ISP authentication criteria.

Make sure to use a reliable IP adress.

Domain reputation is a key consideration for Internet service providers (ISPs). Blacklist profiles can impact sender reputation, spam reports and dwell duration. An IP address needs to be “warm up” before it can send email. It is recommended to start with a small number of marketing messages, and then increase the volume over time. Next, you should examine the open and click-through rates of your emails to determine how people respond to them.

Install SPF Records

Sender Policy Framework records (SPF) are used by Internet service providers to verify legitimacy of email campaigns. They may also check the IP address against the sender’s DNS identity. If the SMTP dialogue shows the ‘from” field first, it is possible to verify the SPF record. Unapproved addresses in the “from” field will result in the email being deleted. It is more likely that the email will be marked as spam if there is no SPF record.

Subscribers should not be allowed in without their explicit consent.

This approach is now standard in email newsletters. It provides extra protection against spam and validates the authenticity of your subscribers.

It doesn’t matter if you are sending out a newsletter or a promotional message, it is important to know that your subscribers have signed up for your email list. This decreases the chance that people on an email list for a company will opt out of receiving spam. Double opt-in allows for more quality leads, stronger connections to current subscribers and better email deliveryability.

You will need to tweak the information that you send in emails.

Avoid using too general language in marketing emails if you don’t want spam complaints or to be included on blacklists. Personalized content should address the issues faced by your target audience. A great first step to creating content that resonates with your target audience is to develop client personas.

Unsubscribe from emails should be an option in every email.

All a client has to do to opt out of receiving your emails is to click the “unsubscribe” link. You won’t need to deal with disinterested clients and spam complaints won’t damage your reputation.

Protect your server’s safety

Anti-bot software can help protect your email account and prevent URL hijacking.

Your IP address could be used by someone else. This could indicate that your server was hacked. Use an IP search tool to confirm. To protect your business, install anti-malware protections on your email server.

Email Monitoring

It could have a serious impact on your marketing efforts as well as your company’s credibility if your email service provider or receivers block your messages. To avoid being on email blacklists, you can use our cheap email validation service and keep a good reputation as a sender. Get your no-risk trial started now.

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