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Automating your social media posts is a good idea?

Do you want to automate your social media promotion by using third-party APIs that automatically publish? Here are some ideas. I think it would be helpful if you could take some time now, after reading this informative blog post, to reevaluate your plans.

Auto-posting is a risky business. Poor social media etiquette can lead to poor social media marketing. Your followers and fans will abandon you if you approach Facebook or Twitter as an RSS feed.

To not be misunderstood: I am not saying that every auto-post to social media is bad for your social media marketing performance. Third-party APIs, such as TweetDeck and HootSuite, would find this unfair. It is not technology that is the problem. Technology is not the problem. It is laziness that is responsible. This article will show you what happens if you place too much reliance on auto-posting technology.

It is not a good idea to dress up in Star Wars costumes at Star Trek conventions.

Social media etiquette requires that those responsible for sharing material on social networks understand the differences and the ecosystems within each one. Facebook users will not like a post that includes a bunch of Twitter hashtags. People you connect with via LinkedIn don’t want to click on links to video and images of your sister’s third-grade play.

You will cause consternation among your social media followers if you push the “Publish to All” button and share your content in the same format across all of your social media channels. Imagine that you are going to a Star Trek conference in your Darth Vader costume and making a show of it. It won’t fly with the three hundred men dressed as Captain Kirk.

It is not professional to post repetitive, boring material on your Facebook page or spam your followers with auto-posts and retweets. This also shows your total lack of understanding of the psychology behind participation. Unengaged audiences, regardless of social media platform, can quickly turn your social network into an empty space.

Is it now time to end the Facebook auto-posting (again)?

Facebook’s guys may give you more reason to question your dependence on automated post technologies. Even if your bad social media manners have no adverse impact on your company’s bottom line, Since Facebook stated that third-party API users would not be penalized, I use the term “may”. Hubspot has released a new study that shows this is not true.

Hubspot data shows that brand pages that utilized auto-posting software suffered a significant drop in traffic after Timeline was applied to all their pages. According to Hubspot data, content shared via third-party apps received 67 percent less Likes and 60% fewer clicks than content posted directly on Facebook. Experts believe that Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is the root cause of this decrease.

As previously reported, this isn’t the first time Facebook has been accused of punishing third-party app users. Facebook’s developers have made changes to the algorithm and created a more equal playing field for all users in the past. It is possible that Facebook will adjust its algorithm to close the gap created by Timeline’s debut, despite the fact that EdgeRank penalizes autoposters. Feel free to visit to learn more about – Gramhir


Moderation and high quality content will win the day.

You will save time by using time-saving social networking auto poster tools such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to automate your social network posting strategy. As you work on your business, it is important to have a mix of manual and automated posting. When setting up auto-posts, make sure you prepare your content uniquely and appropriately for each social platform. Regardless of whether auto-posting is used, you must always provide high-quality content that engages your audience.

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