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How to fix electrical power surges

You may picture lightning striking your house when you think about a power surge. There are other factors that could cause a power surge at your office or home.

A power surge is when the voltage and amperage of electricity rise above normal levels for a short time. These fluctuations can cause severe damage to electronic devices. What should you do if this happens?

We will discuss what a power surge looks like, how they occur, and give some tips for what to do if your house experiences one.

What’s a Power Surge

A power surge is an alteration in the electrical flow to your home that causes the voltage increase. A power surge can be caused by electricity flowing from another source like a transformer nearby or a substation.

Electricity surges can damage electronics or appliances and pose a danger. They can cause flickering and disrupt the ability of your appliances to work. If it is severe enough, a power surge can cause a complete outage in your house.

Power Surges

A few things can cause a power surge: equipment failure, lightning strikes, and maintenance at utility companies. A surge of electricity can be caused by lightning striking near a power grid. The surge can reach nearby homes via the lines connecting to the grid.

A power surge can also be caused by faulty or broken equipment, such as transformers and substations. Although maintenance is usually scheduled, sometimes a power surge can occur. Overloaded appliances or tripped circuit breaker can also cause a power surge.

Signs that Power Surges

There are several signs that you should look out for if you experience a power surge. A power surge can be indicated by damaged appliances, flickering lights, or electronics that stop functioning.

A power surge can cause appliances to suddenly stop working. A power surge can also cause flickering lights. Televisions, stereos and microwaves can shut down and then come back on. These signs could indicate a power surge in your home or office.

Protection and Prevention

Surge protectors are the best way to protect your system from power surges. Surge protectors can be plugged into electrical outlets. These devices monitor how much electricity is coming into your home and turn off when it gets too high.

Surge protectors can be installed in your home for a very low price and offer the best protection against power surges. Surge protectors can protect your electronics and appliances from damage by one power surge.


Many possible causes of power surges can be identified. These can be caused by extreme weather conditions, or mechanical problems like short circuits. They can damage appliances and electronics, and can even cause a fire. It is important to address them as soon as they occur. Surge protectors are the best way to prevent power surges from damaging your home.

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