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Your Trusted Provider of High-Quality Tri Clover Caps

Union Metal is a reputable supplier renowned for its top-quality tri clover caps. These caps, also known as tri-clover clamp, are widely used in industries such as beverage, dairy, food, pharmacy, beer, biomedical cosmetics, and more. Union Metal ensures that its tri clover caps adhere to various sanitary fittings standards, including 3A, ISO, DIN, SMS, RJT, IDF, BS, and JIS. With a commitment to excellence, Union Metal manufactures its caps using stainless steel 316L/304, known for its durability and corrosion resistance. The caps are available in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 4″ (DN6 – DN100), catering to diverse industry requirements.

Versatile Material Selection for Optimal Performance

Union Metal understands the importance of material selection in achieving optimal performance. That’s why they offer tri clover caps made from stainless steel 316L/304. These materials exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the caps can withstand harsh environments and maintain their integrity over time. With Union Metal’s tri clover caps, customers can have confidence in the long-lasting performance and reliability of their equipment.

Diverse Gasket Options for Enhanced Safety and Flexibility

Union Metal provides a range of gasket options for their tri clover caps, including silicon rubber, EPDM, and PTFE. These gaskets are selected for their compatibility with sanitary applications and their ability to maintain hygienic conditions. Whether customers require the flexibility of silicon rubber, the high-temperature resistance of EPDM, or the chemical resistance of PTFE, Union Metal ensures that their tri clover caps are equipped with the appropriate gasket for each unique application.


When it comes to high-quality tri clover caps, Union Metal is the trusted provider you can rely on. Their commitment to meeting sanitary fittings standards, offering versatile material options, and providing diverse gasket choices sets them apart from the competition. Union Metal’s tri clover caps offer exceptional corrosion resistance, health compliance, prevention of liquid retention, leak-proof performance, and safe and reliable use. Choose Union Metal for your tri clover cap needs and experience the superior quality and reliability that their products bring to your industry.

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