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Unlocking the Secrets of Your Car with Autophix OM126: The Ultimate OBD Code Reader

In the realm of automotive diagnostics, having the right tools at your disposal can be the key to a trouble-free driving experience, preventing unexpected breakdowns. Allow us to introduce the Autophix OM126, brought to you by the Autophix wholesale chain. This universal OBD code reader, Autophix OM126, is designed to empower vehicle owners and mechanics alike, offering a wealth of features to help you understand and maintain your car’s engine system.

Distinguishing Features of Autophix OM126

1.Comprehensive OBDII Functions: Autophix OM126 leaves no stone unturned when it comes to OBDII functions. It provides a complete suite of diagnostic capabilities to cater to all your automotive diagnostic needs.

2.Vibrant High-Resolution Color Display: Featuring a brilliant 2.4″ TFT color screen, this device ensures that you can easily read and interpret the information it presents.

3.Data Recording and Playback: You can save diagnostic data for future reference or share it with your mechanic, facilitating a more accurate diagnosis of your vehicle.

4.Visual Data Stream Display: Autophix OM126 allows you to visualize your vehicle’s data in a user-friendly graphical format, simplifying the process of identifying any anomalies.

5.Free Online Updates: Keeping your diagnostic tool up to date is crucial, and Autophix offers free online updates to ensure that your device remains current with the latest diagnostic capabilities.


In conclusion, the Autophix OM126 Autophix stands out as a versatile and powerful OBD code reader that caters to the needs of both vehicle owners and mechanics. With its comprehensive OBDII functions, high-resolution color display, data recording and playback capabilities, user-friendly visual data stream display, and the added benefit of free online updates, it provides a holistic solution for understanding and maintaining your car’s engine system.

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