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Smart Monitoring: Unlocking Advanced Features in Portable Vital Signs Monitors

Portable vital signs monitor has come a long way in terms of technology and innovation. The latest devices, such as the iM3 by Edan Hospital, offer a wide array of advanced features that go beyond basic monitoring. Let’s explore how these smart monitors are revolutionizing patient care and unlocking a new era of advanced monitoring capabilities.

Intelligent round mode for comprehensive patient management

The iM3 patient vital signs monitor introduces the unique Round Mode, a feature that enhances patient management and streamlines workflows. With the ability to import patient maps and generate round reports, healthcare professionals gain a holistic view of the ward’s vital sign measurements at a glance. This comprehensive patient management tool enables efficient allocation of resources and supports better decision-making for improved patient care.

Average BP mode for accurate diagnosis

Accurate blood pressure (BP) readings are crucial in diagnosing and managing cardiovascular conditions. The iM3’s Average BP Mode addresses the issue of false readings by automatically measuring BP multiple times within minutes. This intelligent feature helps healthcare professionals differentiate suspected cases and assists in accurate diagnosis, especially during cardiovascular screenings and primary care settings.


Smart monitoring capabilities have transformed portable vital signs monitors into powerful tools for advanced patient care. The iM3, with its intelligent Round Mode and Average BP Mode, exemplifies the innovative features available in modern monitors. By harnessing the power of these advanced features, healthcare professionals can enhance patient management, improve diagnostic accuracy, and deliver personalized care, taking patient monitoring to new heights.

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