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Revolutionizing Antenna Testing with Sunyield’s SY-48 MIMO Near-Field Measurement System

As the demand for seamless wireless connectivity continues to rise, accurate antenna testing is crucial to ensure optimal signal performance. Sunyield Technologies, a leading provider of advanced measurement solutions, introduces the SY-48 MIMO spherical near field measurement system. As we approach Thanksgiving, let’s explore how the SY-48 MIMO system from Sunyield enables businesses to express their gratitude by delivering superior wireless experiences.

Enhanced Measurement Range and Sampling Density

The SY-48 MIMO system offers an extended measurement range in the 600MHz-12GHz frequency bands, catering to a wide variety of antenna testing needs. With support for antennas up to 1.5m or 2m in diameter, this system enables comprehensive evaluations of diverse antenna types, including small base station antennas. Additionally, the SY-48 MIMO system features a higher sampling density, ensuring precise and accurate measurements of antenna performance. This capability allows businesses to optimize their wireless infrastructure and deliver exceptional connectivity to their customers.

Active and Passive Measurements for Comprehensive Analysis

Sunyield’s SY-48 MIMO system provides the flexibility of conducting both active and passive measurements, facilitating comprehensive analysis of antenna behavior. Active measurements involve direct excitation of the antenna, while passive measurements capture radiated fields without direct excitation. By supporting both modes, the SY-48 MIMO system enables engineers and researchers to thoroughly evaluate antenna performance under different conditions. This comprehensive analysis helps businesses fine-tune their antenna designs and enhance wireless network efficiency, ultimately leading to improved user experiences.


Sunyield’s SY-48 MIMO spherical Near Field measurement system is a game-changer in the field of antenna testing. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us appreciate the invaluable contributions of Sunyield’s SY-48 MIMO system, enabling us to create stronger, more reliable wireless networks that connect us all.

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