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Boosting Sales with Hanshow’s ESL Tag: Lumina Edge

Hanshow specializes in providing the best electronic shelf label and the cost-effective digital price tag. Their ESL tag, Lumina Edge, is a powerful tool designed to boost sales for both retailers and brands. With its innovative features and capabilities, Lumina Edge revolutionizes the way products are promoted and marketed at the shelf edge. By combining dynamic video promotions, automatic categorization of deals, and creative video content, Lumina Edge drives customer engagement and increases sales potential.

Deliver Bright and Dynamic Video Promotions

One of the key benefits of Lumina Edge is its ability to deliver bright and dynamic video promotions directly at the shelf edge. Traditional static paper tags often fail to catch customers’ attention, but Lumina Edge ensures that promoted deals are noticed. By displaying captivating video content, retailers can effectively communicate their promotional offers to customers, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Seize the Promotional Opportunity

Lumina Edge empowers retailers to categorize promotions and automate their display. Retailers can set specific deals to be promoted automatically at certain times, maximizing the impact of their promotions. This feature is particularly useful for products that may not be selling well or for further boosting sales of top-selling products. By strategically timing promotions and ensuring their visibility at the shelf edge, retailers can effectively drive customer interest and increase overall sales.


Lumina Edge, Hanshow’s ESL tag, provides a number of features and advantages that boost sales for both brands and retailers. Lumina Edge encourages customer interaction, increases the visibility of promotional offers, and improves in-store marketing initiatives with dynamic video promotions, automatic deal classification, and innovative video content. Retailers and brands can create a compelling shopping experience that stimulates consumer attention, boosts sales, and cultivates brand loyalty by embracing this cutting-edge technology.

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