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Unlock the Versatile Applications of BINMEI’s Safflower Extract Powder

As a leading food ingredient supplier, BINMEI offers safflower extract powder that has a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry. Derived from the petals of the Carthamus tinctorius L. plant, this natural extract powder provides both visual appeal and functional benefits. In this article, we will explore the diverse applications of BINMEI’s safflower extract powder and highlight why it is the brand of choice for unlocking its full potential.

Colorant for Food and Beverages:

BINMEI’s safflower extract powder serves as an excellent natural colorant, adding vibrant yellow hues to a variety of food and beverage products. It finds application in juice beverages, carbonated drinks, wines, candies, pastries, canned goods, and more. By incorporating BINMEI’s safflower extract powder, manufacturers can enhance the visual appeal of their products and attract consumers with its appealing yellow tint.

Frozen Desserts and Confectionery:

BINMEI’s safflower extract powder is ideal for use in frozen desserts such as ice cream and ice lollies. It imparts a pleasing yellow color, making these treats visually enticing. Additionally, safflower extract powder can be used in confectionery items like candies, pastries, and jellies, elevating their appearance and adding a touch of natural brightness.

Preservation of Fruits:

Preserved fruits, such as canned or jarred fruits, can benefit from BINMEI’s safflower extract powder. By incorporating this extract powder, manufacturers can enhance the visual appeal of preserved fruits, giving them an attractive yellow tint. This not only makes the fruits more visually appealing but also adds a natural touch to the product.

Noodles and Instant Foods:

BINMEI’s safflower extract powder is suitable for use in instant noodles and other instant food products. By adding safflower extract powder to these formulations, manufacturers can achieve a vibrant yellow color in the noodles, making them visually appealing to consumers. This enhances the overall impression of the product and contributes to a delightful dining experience.

Functional Benefits:

Apart from its colorant properties, BINMEI’s safflower extract powder offers functional benefits. It can improve the heat resistance and light stability of liquid food products when combined with L-ascorbic acid. Additionally, safflower extract powder can be used in combination with natural compounds like caffeic acid, rosemary, sesamol, and salvia to enhance its light stability, ensuring that the color of the food product remains intact even under challenging storage and processing conditions.


Choose BINMEI’s safflower extract powder to unlock the full potential of this versatile ingredient. With a commitment to quality and innovation, BINMEI provides you with a premium safflower extract powder that captivates the senses and delivers exceptional results. Elevate your food and beverage creations with the vibrant beauty and functional benefits of safflower extract powder from BINMEI.

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