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Stay Powered Up During Blackouts with IEETek’s Solar Generator for Home Backup

In the event of a power outage, IEETek‘s home backup system will keep your lights on and your appliances running. Using solar panels to collect energy during the day, the IEETek’s home backup system stores enough power to keep your home running for up to 72 hours. And in the event of a prolonged outage, you can use IEETek’s system to recharge your devices, keeping your phone and laptop powered up so you can stay connected to loved ones and work.

What is Included in IEETek’s Home Backup System?

IEETek’s home backup system includes the battery backup for home power outage, best solar generator for home backup, grid tied pv inverter, and charge controller. The IEETek’s generator is used to convert sunlight into electrical power, which is then stored in the batteries. IEETek’s inverter changes the DC electricity from the batteries into AC electricity, which can be used to power appliances and lights. Then, IEETek’s charge controller regulates the flow of electricity from the solar generator to the batteries to ensure that the batteries are not overloaded.


IEETek’s Solar Generator for Home Backup is an excellent choice if you’re looking to stay powered up during blackouts. It utilizes powerful solar technology and a lithium-ion battery, ensuring that your home will have reliable backup power when the mains fail. With its efficient design, easy setup process, and cost-effective operation, this generator makes it hassle free to keep your lights on even in the darkest hours of a blackout.

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