How do you choose the best call center outsourcing provider?

Call centers are now a fundamental need for all businesses, regardless of their industry or culture. Call centers do more than simply answer customers’ questions and solve their problems. Harvard Business Review reports that 80% of companies use customer satisfaction metrics to improve customer experience. Call centers are a major improvement in customer experience. Although many people won’t agree that outsourcing administrative support and call center support can dramatically change your business, it is possible you have not realized the true value of great outsourcing. It is due to poor decision-making. We can help you choose the best service provider for your situation. Let’s get into it!

This question has no definitive answer. It depends on what you need. There are some criteria that every call center outsourcing partner must meet. Here’s a list. If you are not sure what we are talking about, just keep it in your hand. As many features as you can in one partner.


We have compiled a list to help you get started. It is based on the most common issues businesses face when choosing a BPO provider.

1 Compatibility Check for Your Business:

You can assess whether your service provider has the right capabilities to handle your business. Find out how many calls they can take and how much traffic you are likely to get. Are they able to manage your clients? Because we never know when we’ll get more business.

You should also check if the service provider you are considering hiring has domain expertise. Understanding your industry and inbound and outbound calls is essential. If a problem arises, domain expertise is required.

To understand their time zone and language, try to predict the cultures of your customers. You should also check if they are able to entertain your clients. You should be able to keep your business open 24 hours a days, seven days a semaine, regardless of where you are located. Choose a team that you can be active at your leisure. So that your company is available throughout the day

2- Test for adaptability

As we move through this competitive world, it is essential that we update, upgrade, and sometimes delete. We risk losing our position otherwise. Before you contract them, ensure that your outsourcing partner can adapt to any new changes. Look at their timeline, which is usually found on their websites under the about section. This will give you a sense of their history and current position. You can also request a list if tools and technologies. You will need high-quality hardware, modern IVRs, cloud-based CRM Software with antivirus protection and real-time monitoring and controlling capabilities.

3 Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Ask for the client’s case studies or ask about their repeat sales! These stories of repeated success will give you credibility and possibly social proof.

4 Cost VS Quality Matrix

Take a look at your budget. Place your money in areas that offer a greater return on investment. You can also ensure the highest quality by doing thorough research. You must assess a few quality matrices for call centers. These include:

Call abandonment: This means that customers are unhappy with their services because they have to wait for too long. This should be reduced to a minimum.

Blocked calls %: Calls are often blocked when the call center has less resources or is using less efficient software.

The Average Waiting Time: It again must be lower. It could have a negative impact on your customers as they won’t be able reach you at the right time.

ASA is the average speed of answers and it is 28 seconds worldwide. It is not recommended if it is lower than the average.

AHTIt stands for Average Handle Time. It should be moderate. A high AHT time means that the agent takes too long to process a call. The agent may have difficulty dealing with customers. Low AHT may indicate that the agent is in a hurry and may not be able to satisfy customers.

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We hope you found enough information to help you get started on your search for the ideal BPO company. Ideasunlimited can help you find the right call center staff if you’ve made a decision. Our expertise extends beyond call center operations. We also offer multilingual support and outsourced eCommerce customer service. Our skilled support staff can help you improve your customer service department. We have helped many well-respected businesses, from start-ups to global expansion. Get a customized solution for your company by contacting us today.

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