Father’s Day Activities for Kids

Your children have thoughtfully contributed and made you surprise father’s day cake. Naturally, you are overwhelmed by their generosity and want to do the same for them. The question is: What can you do to show your child how much their act of kindness has touched you? There are many things you can do as a father to bring smiles to your child’s faces. These activities will make your child smile.

Play the game “What am I?”

You can adapt this to suit older or younger kids so that everyone can have fun. You will need animal playing cards (or create your own) as well as some sellotape. At least two people are required. Each person picks a card. Next, choose an opponent. Stick the card on your forehead (be sure to keep your hair clean) so everyone can see it. Accept your opponent. Accept your opponent. You can use this game with any type of card pack. This is one of those activities that can be both educational and fun.

Go Crabbing

From an adult’s perspective, this seems like a waste of time. But it is a great activity for kids. A bucket, some string (the length depends on how deep the water is), a weight, and bait. This could be either uncooked bacon rind, or raw meat. Your bucket should be filled with seawater. Attach the weight and bait to the string, and then feed the water to the bottom. Wait, wait, wait. This activity is great for kids because they can anticipate the catch and the risk of handling the vicious beast. Then, wait, and wait. Keep the water in the bucket ice cold and allow the crabs to return to their natural habitat.

Day at the Beach

Nothing is more pleasurable than going to the seaside with your family. You can take a picnic, a bucket, sandbag, sun cream and a spade to the beach with you. You will likely find other children on the beach. Your better half may even be able to relax.

Visit a Farm

For a small fee, many farms are now open to the general public. It can be so much fun. Take a picnic with you and your family. You can all have fun in the great outdoors together. You can teach your children all about farming. They can feed the lambs, ride on a tractor, and milk the cows.

Create a Grass Head Monster

This version is slightly sinister than the standard grass head. A foot of tights, some sawdust and grass seed are required. An elastic band is also needed.

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Take a Adventure

Choose a place from the list, research what is available in that area and go on a day trip. It is much cheaper than paying for petrol. Because it’s more fun than driving in a car, the coach trip will be part of your day. Because there is no driving involved, it’s less stressful for dad and mum.

You will experience the joys and sorrows of fatherhood if you are available to your children and willing to have fun with them. Father’s Day is a time to appreciate your precious babies and for them to do the same.

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