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Cutting-Edge Free Circulating DNA Solutions by Magen Biotech

Magen Biotech introduces its state-of-the-art HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C, designed to facilitate the efficient purification of free circulating DNA from various biological samples. This cutting-edge kit allows researchers and clinicians to isolate and extract circulating nucleic acids with exceptional precision and accuracy. By utilizing advanced technologies and protocols, Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C ensures reliable and reproducible results in DNA extraction, enabling seamless downstream analysis for clinical diagnostic applications.

Superior Silica Column Purification: The Core Technology Behind Magen Biotech’s DNA Extraction

At the heart of Magen Biotech’s free circulating DNA solutions lies the innovative silica column purification technology, a key component in the company’s DNA extraction process. By leveraging the superior binding properties of silica membranes, Magen Biotech achieves high yields of free DNA fragments (>50bp) while maintaining optimal purity and concentration levels. The silica column purification method effectively removes impurities and contaminants, ensuring that researchers obtain pristine nucleic acid samples for their genetic analyses. With Magen Biotech’s emphasis on quality and efficiency, the silica column purification sets a new standard in free circulating DNA extraction.

Unmatched Performance: The Advantages of Using Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C

Experience unrivaled performance and results with Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C, featuring a vacuum protocol for enhanced efficiency and convenience. This advanced kit offers a host of advantages, including high yield, concentration, purity, and recovery rates, making it a preferred choice for researchers seeking reliable DNA extraction solutions. With a low elution volume and a low-alcohol binding method, Magen Biotech ensures that the extracted DNA is free from inhibitors and protein contamination, allowing for accurate and sensitive downstream applications. Trust Magen Biotech for unparalleled performance and quality in free circulating DNA extraction.


Magen Biotech’s HiPure Circulating DNA solutions, highlighted by the innovative HiPure Circulating DNA Midi Kit C, offer a superior DNA extraction experience for researchers and clinicians. By incorporating advanced technologies such as silica column purification and a vacuum protocol, Magen Biotech delivers precision, efficiency, and unmatched performance in isolating free circulating DNA from biological samples. Choose Magen Biotech for cutting-edge DNA extraction solutions that elevate your research capabilities and drive innovation in genetic analysis and clinical diagnostics.

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