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Benewake’s Industrial Laser Distance Sensor for Material Volume Monitoring

Benewake‘s commitment to technological innovation is embodied in their industrial laser distance sensor systems, specifically designed for precise material volume monitoring in industrial settings. The TF02-Pro-W, an enhancement of the TF02-Pro, is a stellar example of how industrial laser distance sensor technology can be utilized to improve accuracy and reliability in challenging environments. This device integrates advanced features such as self-cleaning capabilities and a narrow field of view, ensuring precise measurements even in the dustiest conditions.

Robust Design for Harsh Environments

The TF02-Pro-W is crafted to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial environments where dust and debris are prevalent. Featuring a built-in squeegee, the device continuously cleans its cover glass, maintaining clarity and accuracy in measurement. This self-cleaning mechanism is crucial for industries such as construction and warehousing, where environmental conditions can otherwise compromise sensor performance. By integrating this feature, Benewake ensures that their industrial laser distance sensor remains highly effective, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Enhanced Connectivity and Power Options

Benewake’s industrial laser distance sensor supports a variety of connectivity options, including UART, I²C, and RS485, and is compatible with the Modbus protocol. This flexibility allows the device to integrate seamlessly into existing industrial systems. Additionally, the TF02-Pro-W supports multiple wireless data transmission methods, such as LoRaWAN, 4G, and Wi-Fi, and operates on battery power. These features enable versatile deployments and ensure continuous operation, even in remote or difficult-to-wire locations.


Benewake’s industrial laser distance sensor technology, particularly the TF02-Pro-W, represents a significant advancement in material volume monitoring. With its self-cleaning feature, robust connectivity options, and precise measurement capabilities, it stands out as an essential tool for industries looking to enhance efficiency and accuracy. As Benewake continues to innovate, their industrial laser distance sensor systems are set to redefine standards in industrial monitoring, providing reliable solutions that drive productivity and operational effectiveness.

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