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Advanced Root Canal Solutions: NIC Dental’s MR&R System for Efficient Instrument Removal and Biomaterial Delivery

Root canal treatments can present challenges, especially when dealing with broken instruments or the need for precise biomaterial delivery. NIC Dental, a trusted name in endo perforation, introduces the MR&R System, a groundbreaking solution based on two national patents. This article explores the features and benefits of NIC Dental’s MR&R System, specifically designed for root canal instrument removal and efficient delivery of biomaterials like MTA.

Innovative Design for Instrument Removal

NIC Dental’s MR&R System is based on extensive design, research, and development, resulting in two national patents. This innovative system provides dental professionals with a reliable and efficient solution for removing broken instruments from root canals. Whether it’s a separated file or a fractured instrument, the MR&R System offers a safe and effective approach to address the challenges associated with instrument removal.

Precise Biomaterial Delivery

The MR&R System from NIC Dental goes beyond instrument removal, offering exceptional functionality for the delivery of biomaterials like MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) and other essential substances. This feature enables dental professionals to precisely place and deliver biomaterials within the root canal system, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes. With the MR&R System, dentists can effectively address perforation in the root canal and provide efficient biomaterial placement.

Unparalleled Quality and Material

NIC Dental’s MR&R System, represented by the MR&R II model, boasts a patent number (ZL 2015 1 0537471.0) that signifies its unique design and innovation. Crafted from medical stainless steel, this system ensures exceptional durability, precision, and hygiene during root canal procedures. Dental professionals can trust the MR&R II to deliver reliable instrument removal and biomaterial delivery, providing a comprehensive solution for complex cases.


NIC Dental’s MR&R System, specifically the MR&R II model, represents an advanced solution for dental professionals seeking efficient instrument removal and biomaterial delivery during root canal treatments. With its innovative design, national patents, and high-quality medical stainless steel construction, the MR&R System empowers dentists to overcome challenges such as broken instruments and perforations in the root canal. By incorporating NIC Dental’s MR&R System into their practice, dental professionals can enhance their treatment outcomes, streamline procedures, and provide exceptional care to their patients.

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